Tropical Flowers And Flamingos Birthday

Tropical Flowers And Flamingos Birthday

With the help of Party Express, this  Tropical Flowers And Flamingos Birthday was an absolute beauty! An outdoor venue made it simple to take advantage of a fantastically sunny day, giving all the decor a bright and welcoming look. A magical dessert station was created with memorable details and a blend of lovely colors including pink, purple and blue.

For a backdrop to this section a massive customized printout was created for the special birthday girl with the letter of her first name centered on a delightful tropical style pattern. This was attached to white, wooden slates creating a unique and charming effect. Pillars of balloons stood on each side with an array of colors and sizes that added to the fun look of this station. To give the area a more natural look, hedges were placed on each end of the table in fun shapes.  In these sections flamingos filled the spaces in adorable fashion. There were even bundles of tropical flowers on top of the topiaries.

A lovely white picnic style table made the perfect area to hold the treats for the guests.  Underneath this table tissue poms were piled up, providing extra color and dimension to the space. The special birthday girl’s name was also spelled out in massive pink letters across the front of this section in a beautiful font.

The cake for this party was stunning with two layers beautifully decorated in varying patterns and colors. To give the cake a tropical touch pretty flowers were wrapped around both layers.  A topper with the birthday girl’s name gave this dessert a cute, personal touch.

Guest tables were beautifully arranged to match the theme with varying shades of pink that gave an elegant effect. Each round table had a soft pink cover and a centerpiece with a flamingo, mirror, and bottle style vase with pretty flowers.


Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Aloha-Treat Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Cake Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Centerpiece Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Cookies Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Cupcakes Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Guest-Gifts Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Guest-Table Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Invitation Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Layered-Cake Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Lightup-Decor Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Macaron Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Pineapple-Cookie Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Pink-Cupcakes Tropical-Flowers-And-Flamingos-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies

Credits –

Planning/design – Party Express



Farm Adventure Birthday Party

Farm Adventure Birthday Party


This Farm Adventure Birthday Party was chock full of fun details that was masterminded by Invento Festa.  The dessert area was a perfect blend of exciting farming decor along with treats for a ton of guests to enjoy munching on.

For a backdrop to this fantastic desesrt table, wall art was used that looked like rustic wooden planks, giving a charming effect that radiated throughout the venue. An adorable flag banner hung across the center in a vibrant blend of colors and patterns that introduced this farming theme in a cute way.

In front of this delightful table, an arrangement of hay bales were set out strategically to enhance the style of the theme while providing a place for some other decorations and treats to be display.  On one bale a cowboy hat and lasso were draped in a cute way.  A giant carriage wheel showcased the birthday boys name on a customized sign right in between two bales of hay.

The table itself was charming with a wooden design that had a small bandanna style cover over the center.  It was filled bountifully with desserts and fun farm decor.  At the front of the table truffles in fun wraps sat invitingly on lovely white trays.  Right behind them perfectly decorated chocolates had adorable little farm animal heads for toppers. This tray was accented on each side with decorative cacti.  Candied apples were frosting in bright colors and decorated with horseshoes and bandannas.  There were even yummy looking cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

As a centerpiece to this table, the cake was an outstanding display of edible art. Set on a large stump with greenery, it blended smoothly with the theme.  This cake featured three layers of farming delight decorated in different looks for a bold effect. It was topped with a birthday number for a simplistic finish.

Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepop-Dessert Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepops Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cakepop-Treat Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Animal-Cupcakes Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Apples Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cake Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Candied-Apples Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Chocolate-Beverages Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Chocolate-Treat Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Customized-Art Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Eggs Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Desserts Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Farmer-Decor Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Horse Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Milk Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Personalized-Sign Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Pudding-Mugs Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Rope Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Cow Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Swirly-Straws Farm-Adventure-Birthday-Party-Wheat


Planning/design – Invento Festa

Sweets – Sweets Cakes Maria Celia

Biscuits – Janaina Oliveira




Under The Sea Mermaid Birthday Adventure

Under The Sea Birthday Adventure


When it comes to birthday parties, this Under The Sea Birthday Adventure is sure to be a splashy shindig! Created by the skilled hands of Epic Parties By REVO, this set-up will give your little one a day to remember.

With a fantastic mashup of purple and blue colors, the sea vibe was easy to create. The invitations had a lovely, creative look with a mermaid tail on the front with all the needed information printined in a fun range of colors and fonts. Each invite had a thank you card, address and name lables and envelope seals to give it a professional look.

The dessert station was full of goodies for the kids to enjoy along with a fantastic array of decor that gave a cute under sea vibe. A backdrop of colorful rows of fabric gave a texture feel and a large birthday banner introduced the event perfectly. To each side of the back drop adorable paper jellyfish added to the ocean look of this table. Balloons make good fillers for the space too.

With a sea green cover, the table blended perfectly with the them. vintage style crates acted as trays to keep the back row of treats visible.  The largest crate held a scrumptious looking two-layer cake. It was frosted with scales on the bottom and a cute shell bikini on the top layer.  As a topper, the birthday kid’s age was displayed prominently.

There were plenty of treats for everyone to enjoy from the rice kripys dressed to look like little mermaids to the cupcakes that had adorable little tail toppers. There were amazing looking cake pops to try out and an assortment of yummy sugar cookies. The sugar cookies were frosted beautifully. For a fun addition to this snack table, frosted pretzels were sure to impress the little guests at this party.

Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Banner Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Cake Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Cakepops Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Candy-Wrappers Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Chocolate-Bars Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Cookies Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Cupcakes Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Decorative-Signs Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Dessert-Station Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Guest-Tables Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Invitations Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Jellyfish Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Macarons Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Party-Decorations Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Party-Set Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Pretzels Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Printables-Party Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Purple-Plates Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Rice-Krispy-Treats Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Sanddollar-Cookies Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Sign Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Signs Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Starfish-Cookies Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Straws Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Thank-You-Bags Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Thank-You-Gift Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Water Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Adventure-Welcome-Sign


Design/planning – Epic Parties By REVO


Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This classically styled Dr. Seuss Birthday Party was full of red, white and blue details that gave the party an exciting vibe. With CK Creations at the helm, this event was a smashing success.

The dessert station was bursting with decorations and sweets.  With a fantastic, wrap-around cover in bright red, the table had a vibrant look. The top of the table was covered in a fun blue color that matched the Dr. Seuss colored theme perfectly.  To introduce the party appropriately, a massive backdrop was decorated with colorful paper pinwheels and the birthday kids names’ were front and center in a cute red and white striped design. There were even character images from the classic story.

At the back of the table tall swirl style lollipops were placed in tall vases in a bouquet like fashion. An array of mini cakes really stole the show, shaped into small circles and decorated to look like the Cat in the Hats hat and tuxedo.  Other treats that went with this fantastic theme beautifully included pristinely shaped sugar cookies that were frosted in red and white stripes. Cupcakes had fun blue frosting and Dr. Seuss toppers.  The two layered cake at the center of the table was exquisitely frosted in stripes and polka dots.  It had a large number one standing beside a miniature Cat in the Hat that showcased the party beautifully.

Guest tables were situated to match the theme smoothly too, each covered in a bright red cloth.  The chairs had white covers with interchanging red and blue wraps.  Adorable Dr. Seuss centerpieces number the tables while using arrows to point in different directions that had fun phrases on them. There was even a special sign in book for guests to give their advice in.

Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Cake Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Cakepops
Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Candies Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Candy-Bags
Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Centerpieces Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Desserts Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Station Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Guest-Chart
Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Guest-Signature-Book Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Lollipops Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Mini-Cakes
Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Table-Decorations Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Treats Dr.-Seuss-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table


Planning/Design – CK Creations



Whimsical Marble Birthday Party

Whimsical Marble Birthday Party


This Whimsical Marble Birthday Party was beautifully designed by Ms. Laine Events.  The venue chosen for the party was stunning, with a entire area designated for the guests to sit at with railings and gorgeous outdoor views. Long lines of windows let the light cascade through the room beautifully.

Bringing a touch of nature into the theme, lovely green plants were incorporated throughout the venue.  The guest seating was set up family style with centerpieces of the pretty green plants set at varying heights along with candles, creating a fanatastic depth of dimension. Each place setting featured a personalized mat that said, “Happy 21st Birthday Fion.”

The dessert station was elegantly arranged with the perfect blend of plants and treats for everyone to enjoy.  As a backdrop, lovely shimmering tinsel in silver and gold hung on each side with a bold poster in the center that said, “21.” To fill in the whole look, bouquets of balloons stood tall in silver, white, pink and marbelized silver as well.

At the ftont of the table tall plants stood on each side, adding to the natural look of the venue. The table was covered in white, allowing the soft tones to stand out beautifully. A tall, gorgeous cake with marbelized frosting made a perfect centerpiece with a golden happy birthday topper. It was on a gold cake stand, adding to the elegant display perfectly. At the front of the table the treats were spread out making it simple for the guests to grab their snack of choice.  The back of the table had a fun arrangment of  small green plants set at different heights to give the whole area a lovely, whimisical look. There was even a giant silver pot with greenery at the back corner of the table.

Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cake Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Desserts Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Station Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Dessert Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Golden-Cake-Topper Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Layered-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Place-Settings Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plant-Decor Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plants Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Shimmering-Decorations Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treat-Display Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treats


Stying – Ms. Laine Events

Photography – Daphanie Loong

Baked Treats – The Hare SBH