Whimsical Marble Birthday Party


This Whimsical Marble Birthday Party was beautifully designed by Ms. Laine Events.  The venue chosen for the party was stunning, with a entire area designated for the guests to sit at with railings and gorgeous outdoor views. Long lines of windows let the light cascade through the room beautifully.

Bringing a touch of nature into the theme, lovely green plants were incorporated throughout the venue.  The guest seating was set up family style with centerpieces of the pretty green plants set at varying heights along with candles, creating a fanatastic depth of dimension. Each place setting featured a personalized mat that said, “Happy 21st Birthday Fion.”

The dessert station was elegantly arranged with the perfect blend of plants and treats for everyone to enjoy.  As a backdrop, lovely shimmering tinsel in silver and gold hung on each side with a bold poster in the center that said, “21.” To fill in the whole look, bouquets of balloons stood tall in silver, white, pink and marbelized silver as well.

At the ftont of the table tall plants stood on each side, adding to the natural look of the venue. The table was covered in white, allowing the soft tones to stand out beautifully. A tall, gorgeous cake with marbelized frosting made a perfect centerpiece with a golden happy birthday topper. It was on a gold cake stand, adding to the elegant display perfectly. At the front of the table the treats were spread out making it simple for the guests to grab their snack of choice.  The back of the table had a fun arrangment of  small green plants set at different heights to give the whole area a lovely, whimisical look. There was even a giant silver pot with greenery at the back corner of the table.

Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cake Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Desserts Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Station Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Dessert Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Golden-Cake-Topper Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Guest-Seating Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Layered-Cookies Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Place-Settings Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plant-Decor Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Plants Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Shimmering-Decorations Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Stick-Treats Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treat-Display Whimsical-Marble-Birthday-Party-Treats


Stying – Ms. Laine Events

Photography – Daphanie Loong

Baked Treats – The Hare SBH




Tropical Under The Sea Adventure Party

Tropical Under The Sea Adventure Party


This Tropical Under The Sea Adventure Party was lavishly designed by EVENTee Party. Right from the entryway, the adorable sea theme was introduced in colorful style with the whole doorway decked out in seafaring colors.  Strands of shimmering fabric offered kids an elegant way to enter the massive venue area.  A fun chalkboard was gorgeously designed to welcome all the guests and there was even a fantastic sign with arrows pointing in various directions saying, “Mermaid this way.”

To properly celebrate the two wonderful kids, tunnel of balloons followed the entrance with green foam intertwined to create a sea like appearance. The floor even had a green mat rolled out for an extra fun effect. Overhead, more balloons filled the space, adding to the cute look.

Inside the room, lots of round tables filled the area for the guests to sit at along with a special set of tables at the front for the kids to sit together at.  The chairs all had lovely white covers with fabric bows that matched the theme perfectly. Each table featured an intricately designed centerpiece with fish and sea plants.  The tables also had a variety of bold colored covers with contrasting runners to add to the style boldly. Overhead, balloons and giant jellyfish gave a true under-the-sea vibe.

This party even featured a staging area for the special kids with massive letters spelling out their names across the front.  An adorable clam bench was framed with a lightup square and lovely art made the perfect backdrop for the whole area.

To make it easy for the kids to get their own food, special stations were set up for each food and beverages.  Each section was boldly advertised with a fun sign and mermaid art.  The front of each section was decorated with green tissue paper and an adorable arrangement of sea creatures.




















Planning/design – EVENTee Party


Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday

Twins Under the Sea Mermaid Party

Tropical Safari Flamingo Party

Tropical Safari Flamingo Party

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Dessert-Table

This Tropical Safari Flamingo Party brought all the fun of the sun indoors with a cute theme that any kid could enjoy. With EVENTee Party  behind the scenes planning, this party was a smashing success.

A large venue offered plenty of space for all of the guests to visit comfortably. For a cute look, plastic beach style chairs were used at the guest tables to emphasize the tropical theme. Each table had light colored cover with a golden runner. For centerpieces large flamingos stood tall surrounded by gorgeous tropical arrangements. Adorable personalized framed art added to the tables perfectly.

The decorations throughout out the venue were placed with precision to create a relaxed and inviting vibe, including the ceiling. Long garlands hung in rows with a fabulous scattering of light and dark pink balloons. Giant pink poms and lanterns blended smoothly in too.

To keep everyone full and happy a lovely dessert station invited guests to grab a bite. A large, two layer cake was immaculately decorated in vibrant colors. Adorable flamingo cake pops stood tall in the front. A large backdrop of greenery was accented with a fantastic personalized sign with the birthday girls name printed on it.  Fantastic florals added a touch of extra color to the backdrop as well. For a fun addition to this area, large flamingos stood on each side of the table, showcasing the theme fantastically. Rounded green shrubbery placed at varying levels at the front of the table drew the eye easily.

Giving an extra bit of fun, a special station was set up for the kids to put on all sorts of fun make up so they could have their own tropical style.  This table had a row of pink tassels on the front for a cute touch as well as a flamingo on the side to incorporate the theme perfectly.

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Cakepops

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Cookies

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Framed-Art


Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Gift-Bags

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Guest-Seating

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Makeup-Station

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Makeup-Table

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Personalized-Sign

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Pink-Poms

Tropical-Safari-Flamingo -Party-Pom-Decorations


EVENTee Party



Winnie The Pooh Bear Birthday Party


This Winnie The Pooh Bear Birthday Party was brought to life with the expert skill of  Ms. Laine Events. Taking all of the classic favorite bits from the adorable series, this venue was a world of imagination that any Winnie fan could fall in love with.

A stunning backdrop for the dessert table was made with all sorts of textures to draw the eye.  Little Winnie the Pooh pictures were hung tall on it too, introducing the theme very sweetly.  A giant light up number 2 was placed front and center on the backdrop ensuring that the guests would know how old the VIP was. The table was covered with a white cloth and lined with burlap, creating a charming vibe. Across the front of the table a massive Happy Birthday banner in plaid introduced the party boldly. To make this dessert table unique, on each side smaller tables were set up and decorated with an adorable set of stuffed animals from the Winnie the Pooh series. Each table had a cute little vintage style picnic basket too.

On the dessert table all sorts of goodies waited for the guests to try out.  There were even jars of honey for each one to take home after the event was over.  Large bags with Winnie the Pooh art held perfect thank you gifts too.  At the center of the table, tasty little wrapped chocolates were personalized with Winnie the Pooh toppers and were set on white plates, making them easy to see.

A marvelous cake was centered at the back of the table with a giant Winnie face. The cake was actually decorated to look like a beehive, giving a fun and flavorful look.  It had a Winnie candle as well as a number 2 candle on the top. To the side of this sweet cake, a beehive created from twine made a perfect decoration for the Winnie the Pooh party.

Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Bee-Hive Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Cake Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Candy-Toppers Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Car-Toys Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Flower-Pot Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Honey-Jars Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Mason-Jars Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Animals Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Stuffed-Toys Winnie-The-Pooh-Bear-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Chocolates


Planning – Ms. Laine Events

Photography – Daphnie Loong




Outdoor Bohemian Chic Party


What a fantastic layout this Outdoor Bohemian Chic Party had! With the expert styling skill of Salma of CreaMay, the space had a relaxed and inviting vibe. The party was held outdoors, on a vibrantly sunny day, allowing all the colors and details throughout the venue to really stand out.

The dessert table was lustrous with pastels and greenery that definitely reflected the Bohemian theme perfectly. A backdrop was innovatively designed as a squared archway wrapped in flowers and garland.  Hanging from the center of it a massive dreamcatcher introduced the theme in beautiful fashion. Swings were also attached on each side of the dreamcatcher and held adorable white birdcages which created a whimsical look.

The table was white, which gave an elegant, modern stage for the treats to sit on.  With a variety of tray types from tree stumps to vintage cake trays, the detailing on the table was exquisite. Wooden trays held thick, tasty looking sugar cookies frosted in fantastic styles with names, bows and arrows and more on them. Macarons were delightfully colored in a range of pastels that blended with the theme smoothly. Cupcakes were placed in cute little colorful cupcake holders and wrapped in plastic for a fun and fresh look. There were even candies in a jar for the guests to enjoy.  The cake at the tables center was a pure delight with three layers frosted in white and decorated with a range of gorgeous flower detailing. There was also a fantastic dreamcatcher too! Bottle water was label with personalized graphics and the lids on the bottles were also pastel.

Incorporated throughout the table were cute little details like little dreamcatchers on easels. Doilies gave a vintage look while gorgeous jars on each side of the table had lids with birds that drew the eye.

Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Cookies Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Desserts Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Macarons Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Sugar-Cookies Outdoor-Bohemian-Chic-Party-Treats


Planning: Salma of CreaMay