Marie Antoinette Vintage Birthday Party


With fantastic charming decorations, this Marie Antoinette Vintage Birthday Party was a memorable celebration artfully created by Maryam’s Cakery.  Using a range of vintage details, this venue had a classic vibe.

A twist on the buffet table included using a fantastic classic dresser rather than a standard table to hold the snacks.  Even the three drawers were utilized, displaying an array of treats for the guests to enjoy.  Underneath this table a sweet little bird cage was decorated with birds inside and a little Marie Antoinette cover on the outside. This cage was set on a lovely hat box.  To the side of the cage, gorgeous candles stood on vintage style candlesticks. A chair on the side of the table was used to display the thank you gifts for attending this elegant event.  Packaged in soft pink bags with pink ribbons, the true stunner with this gift was the cameo necklace that each guest received.  

A miniature column on the other side of the dresser was topped with a fantastic mirrored tray and held an antique tea set.

The dessert table was superbly laid out with a perfect blend of decorations and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy.  A golden framed hand mirror was laid out flat with two lovely perfume bottles on top and a golden high heel jeweled in pink too.  

The cake was a vision in three layers of frosted pink with a picture of Marie Antoinette right in the center.  Topped with lovely details like a massive white feather and flower blooms, this cake was an elegant addition to the party.  Other sweets included ranged from a delightful pink macaroon tree to fan shaped sugar cookies all detailed gorgeously.  There were even chocolate bars wrapped in pink and gold for a sweet touch.

Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Bird-Cage Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Buffet Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Cake Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Chocolates Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Fan-Cookies Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Pink-Candies Marie-Antoinette-Vintage-Birthday-Party-Tea-Set


Credits –

Maryam’s Cakery


Playful and Spooky Pumpkin Halloween Party


This Playful and Spooky Pumpkin Halloween Party can easily be a fun-filled theme for those who have a special day this time of year! With bold styling by Jennifer Perkins and gorgeous shot from Jennifer M. Ramos, this celebration was a sweetly scary event!

It is easy to fall in love with vintage decor used to give this party a special look. With fantastic framed art and bottles with faded writing, a scary mood was simple to set.

Other exciting bits of decor included a massive conglomeration of cheesecloth hung with paper lanterns and or adorable black and orange decorations to give the room a very Halloween vibe. The fireplace mantle was fantastically outfitted with black decorations that stood out against the neutral tones of the art displayed.  A bookshelf blended in with the Halloween, holding an array of fun spooky phrases in wood art. One favorite pieces was a large mirror with a ghostly image displayed in the reflection, giving an outstanding effect.

The living room was adorably covered in vintage style pillows  along with a fun range of candy baskets. Even the coffee table was used to hold a cute little pumpkin decoration.

To keep guests fed and happy the buffet table set up provided a perfect arrangement of spooky snacks to enjoy. A backdrop was created with cute little kitty and witch graphics along with a Halloween banner.  The treats all had a bit of theme blended too with owl cupcakes, finger shaped and eye ball cookies, and other deliciously scary edibles.  String cheese was cutely arranged on a plate with a mini pumpkin centerpiece and each piece even had a triangle of green pepper on the end, making it looking like little fingers.  Layered pudding treats were topped with tasty tombstones and green hands.  With so many adorable features, this spooky theme could definitely make for a unique birthday celebration too!

Playful-And-Spooky-Pumpkin-Halloween-Party-Desserts Playful-And-Spooky-Pumpkin-Halloween-Party-Lanterns Playful-And-Spooky-Pumpkin-Halloween-Party-Living-Room-Decor Playful-And-Spooky-Pumpkin-Halloween-Party-Owl Playful-And-Spooky-Pumpkin-Halloween-Party-Scary-Mirror

Credits –

Party styling – Jennifer Perkins

Photographer – Jennifer M. Ramos

Spooky Witches Den Party


With Halloween coming up, a Spooky Witches Den Party can make a fantastic theme for a special birthday party! This layout was gorgeously created by Monique with Bash Party Styling.  The finished dessert table looked like a scene from a scary movie, making it a perfect option for bringing your party to life.

A long buffet made a great stage for all of the eerie decor and tasty treats at this event.  Set in front of a window, curtains made a fantastic setting for the backdrop made.  Cheesecloth is a wonderful tool when it comes to spooky decorations, being a versatile and easy to use fabric.  The backdrop feature this fabric set in a spiral to mimic a spider web in fun fashion.  With spiders surrounding it, the scene was set smoothly for this table.

A black table cloth draped to the floor, giving a dark base for the treats on the buffet.  Varying types of layered cheesecloth created dimension, while accenting the theme perfectly.  Front and center a fabulous witch announced the theme of the party in spooky delight.  No witch is complete without her cauldron and spellbook and this one was even accompanied by her favorite little skeleton pet.

For edibles, this party had everything a guest could want, from assorted flavors of popcorn displayed in cauldrons to candied apples.  The candied apples came in different flavors, each with colors that enhanced the table smoothly The cupcake flavors offered were quite wonderful, caramel apple, red velvet, cookies and cream and even pumpkin spice! Other treats included cookies in towers on a tall cupcake tray, gummy worms and even dark sixlets.  Eyeballs (wrapped chocolates), were placed in a stunning golden bowl held by a bird claw stand.

The labels were just ghoulish enough and with a spread of candles the table was a spooktacular success.

Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Candy-Coated-Apples Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cauldron-Popcorn Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cookies Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Cupcakes Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Eyeballs Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Pumpkin-Spice-Cupcake Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Red-Candied-Apples Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Scary-Decor Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Scary-Faces Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Sixlets Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Skeleton Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Treats Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Witch Spooky-Witches-Den-Party-Worms

Credits –

Monique with Bash Party Styling

Instagram –


Colorful Autumn Outdoor Party


When it comes to the changing seasons, a Colorful Autumn Outdoor Party can be a fantastic way to celebrate a special event. This lovely set-up was created by Callie of Komma Designs whose attention for detail is perfectly exquisite.

A wonderfully tree filled outdoor space made a splendid option for putting together the details of this Autumn Outdoor Party theme. With the filtered natural light, a cozy vibe was effortlessly displayed throughout.

A magnificent, large round table offers a fantastic seating option for everyone to visit together easily. The neutral tones of this table were complementary to the oranges, greens and reds of the theme. A unique aspect of a fall set up can be offered in a fresh seating method. With this party a fun mix of couches and chairs add a whimsical touch that also keeps guests cozy.

The guest table is a wonderful palette for Autumn decor, using pumpkins and overflowing floral arrangements, it can look absolutely stunning. Even decorating beneath the table can be a fantastic idea, giving a dimensional look that everyone can love.

Callie used natural details to give this party a lovely look, like an archway of greenery with wonderful pink color and little candle holders.

Fall desserts are always a colorful and tasty addition to parties with apples and pumpkins galore.  A cake covered in caramel colored toppings make a tasty and pretty addition to a dessert table.  Stumps were utilized at this outdoor event to make a perfect stage for the treats.

All sorts of beverages can bring a party a tasty touch, this one had a sweet orange color with an arrangement of fruits, cinnamon sticks and flowers around it for a pretty look.

With an invitation with unique art, this party can be a very memorable event.

Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Beverages Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Cake Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Centerpieces Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Chair Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Decor Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Dessert-Layout Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Flowers Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Invitations Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Lamp Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Menus Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Natural-Touches Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Pumpkins Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Table-Menu Colorful-Autumn-Outdoor-Party-Table-Number

Credits –

Callie of Komma Designs

Winter Wonderland In New England Party


No time to hibernate when you can throw a glamorous Winter Wonderland In New England Party like this one! With One Fine Day’s styling, the gorgeous elements at this shoot could make a memorable occasion for many.

This gathering took place on a beautiful private property in Connecticut in January, taking advantage of the lovely snowy landscape.  All of the details laid out at this shoot were chosen to help encourage others to throw a wonderful winter land party with their own family and friends.

Elements used were ones that are simple to find around your house or yard, making it possible to create a similar atmosphere at your own party. This is a theme where DIY can give you an edge, for example, using a door as a table set on tree stumps.  This look offers a rustic charm that any outdoorsman can love. To give the tables a unique centerpiece, wine bottles can be utilized to hold white taper candles.  Tin plates offer a neat look along with brightly colored napkins tied in twine.

Any outdoor winter party can use a snuggle up bench with large blankets and an adorable wooden sign. Of course, to make it a truly classic get together, hot chocolate is a must-have.  In mason jar mugs, hot chocolate is easy to hold and adorable to look at. For a venue with a lake of frozen beauty, a ladder can make a cute ice skate holder.

Baskets to hold goodies offer a neat way to get your food, and of course winter favorites are sure to keep the guests coming up for seconds.  Caramel apples, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and subs are all easy foods to prep and taste delicious! A sprig of greenery on white frosting along with a fresh fruit topping can make a cake a perfect celebratory treat too!

Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Apples Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Campfire Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Candle-Decor Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Guest-Table Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Skating Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Snuggle-Bench Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Subs

Credits -

Photographer: Lynne Graves Photography

Stylist & Event Planner: One Fine Day

Caterer: Blonde on the Run

Assistant Stylist: Bonnie Aunchman

Men’s Wardrobe: Jackson & Connor

Event Rentals: General Eclectic Rental

Custom Decor Items & Rentals: Lady Slipper Affairs & Events