Barbie Fashionista Birthday Bash


Living up to their name brilliantly, Impressions used their elegant creative skills to put together this Barbie Fashionista Birthday Bash for a very special little one. The attention to detail put this party over the top, lavish decor was perfectly arranged to bring the world of trendy Barbie to life.

A long buffet table made a lovely focal point for the part with a massive curtained backdrop in a sweet pastel tone. Adorable clear bulbs hung down in front of the fabric, adding a neat touch to the whole look.

On each side of the buffet table small stands were covered in a cream fabric and had tall vases filled with gorgeous flowers and strands of jewels hanging from them.

The buffet itself was exquisite, a layering of fabrics in pink and purple were beautifully hung over, making a wonderful stage for all of the snacks. Some fantastic elements that made this party unique included jewelry boxes that were set on each side that held snacks along with cute make up decor. Cute purses in blue and pink added an elegant touch being wrapped in jewels. At the center of the table one massive, two-layer cake introduced the theme spectacularly with Barbie and her friend right on the front. The topper for this cake was very sweet, with a large white feather and flower art. To made this stunning dessert even better, two mini cakes were placed right in front of it, one in pink and one in purple.

The guest seating was adorably arranged to match the theme too.  The chairs were adorned with cute strands of beads, feathers and flowers too.  Since this was a celebration for little ones this table had easy to use and clean paper plates for the kids to eat from along with a cutely wrapped set of silverware.

Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Chair-Beads Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cookie-Clutch Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Cream-Tart-Label Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Frame-Art Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Guest-Seating Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Jewelry-Box-Snacks Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Mini-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Pink-Purse Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Place-Settings Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Purple-Mini-Cake Barbie-Fashionista-Birthday-Bash-Treats


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Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday


This party was a wonder, filled with colors that stole the show. With a Bubbling Under The Sea Birthday theme, a special little one year old got to celebrate in aqua style! Believents brought this underwater adventure to life with a stunning arrangement of decor that was sure to be appreciated by all. An adorable backdrop in deep blue introduced the dessert table with a sea like vibe. It had all sorts of fun sea life on it from fishes to turtles and even coral.  The birthday girl’s’ name was centered in large pink letters, so everyone was sure to know who this party was all about.

The table was covered in a glamourous sea green cover that shimmered beautifully. At the back of the table an adorable white shelf displayed little blue boxes of goodies for each of the guests to take home after the party. Two large pink pots stood on the top of the shelves with stunning floral arrangements.

At the center of this dessert buffet ONE was spelled out in large letters, each one with a different, cute pattern that blended with the theme and had a unique style. Other sweet decorations added to this table included a seahorse hanging out by a treasure chest, and sea life art like coral and shells.

The treats were fabulous, each detailed with precision, matching this sea adventure theme gorgeously. Cupcakes were frosted in all sorts of different ways, making each a fresh and fun addition. They were set on ornate trays that blended with the theme smoothly.

A cake in two layers was decorated with scales in white, green and purple.  The top was detailed with lovely shells and starfish.  Around the bottom of the cake the birthday girl’s name was surrounded with coral and other cute shells too.

Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Backdrop Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Cake Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Colored-Kisses Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Cupcakes Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Gift-Boxes Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Macaroons Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-One-Letters Bubbling-Under-The-Sea-Birthday-Seahorses

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Rainbow Dash Adventure Birthday


What a wonder this Rainbow Dash Adventure Birthday was. From the brilliant rainbow of vibrant colors to the fantastic canopied layout, this venue was quite beautiful. DCFL Events took this adorable classic theme to a whole new level with all of the fantastic decorations they created.

The party was held outdoors, as a real pony was brought for the guests to enjoy a rousing ride! With the bright sun for natural lighting, all of the colors of the decor stood out perfectly.

A soft blue canopy was placed in a tent fashion, large enough to provide shade for the buffet and all of the guest seating.  Openings in the curtains gave a luxurious look while making it simple to enter and exit the tent area.

Several guest tables in a small rectangular shape filled the canopied space and each was wrapped in wonderful layers of bright red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and green, to match the My Little Ponies of course. Each table had an adorable centerpiece with a pony in a bucket alongside a cute little sign with all of the social media information to turn this party into an instant photo success.

The dessert table was sweetly arranged with accompanying round tables on each side to complement and expand the look.  The main table was wrapped in strips of light blue fabric, giving it a  fun, textured look. At the front of the table tall My Little Ponies stood, welcoming and adorable. A backdrop of rainbow colored fabric was put together with a large bouquet of white balloons at the top to make a cloud effect.  All of the desserts were impeccably decorated to match the theme to perfection.  A delightful cake stood in the center, drawing attention with ease with its soft blue frosting.

Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Apples Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cake Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cakepops Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Centerpieces Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cheesecake Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Cupcakes Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Decorations Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Gifts Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Gift-Table Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Macarons Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Madelines Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Pretzels Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Rice-Krispies Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Seating Rainbow-Dash-Adventure-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies

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DCFL Events



Snoopy And Pals Birthday


My Little Angel Decorations took this classic Snoopy And Pals Birthday theme and turned it into a modern and sophisticated event for a special little person.

A special arrangement was set up for the desserts at this party, using several round tables instead of the classic buffet.  With a massive Charlie Brown and Snoopy graphic as a backdrop, the theme was very clear. To each side of this fantastic picture columns of balloons in bright colors added a cute touch to the decor.  A hot air balloon was even created with varying sizes of balloons and string with Snoopy in a cup and set beside the columns.  Throughout the venue, other similar balloon set ups were placed for the guests to check out with other characters in the cups.

In between each of the tables, bouquets of balloons were expertly laid out to give a cloud-like vibe. Each table was covered in a contemporary black and white cover that added to the modern feel of this party.

The decorations for the snack tables were adorable, with little stuffed Charlie Brown characters and little miniature Snoopy’s too. Vibrantly colored trays were used to hold the goodies like sugar cookies shaped to match the characters. The special child’s name was spelled out in large red letters and set at the front of the center table.

For the celebratory cake, a fantastic three layered creation made a perfect centerpiece for the treat tables.  Each layer was boldly frosted in bright happy colors and detailed with the well loved Charlie Brown characters. There were even mini clouds used on the top layer.  As a topper, Snoopy and his dog kennel made a wonderful finishing touch.  This cake was set on an elegant cake tray with jewels around the bottom, making it a lovely addition to the decor.

Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Cake Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Flowers Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Hot-Air-Balloon Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Snack-Collage Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Stuffed-Animals Snoopy-And-Pals-Birthday-Treat-Tables

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My Little Angel Decorations


Magical Little Mermaid Birthday


With the expertise of My Little Angel Decorations this Magical Little Mermaid Birthday took on a life of its own. A vivacious blue color made a delightful base tone with white and gold blended in to create an elegant and ocean-like vibe throughout the venue.  

Many kids love balloons and this fantastic theme utilized them in a gorgeous fashion.  A gigantic backdrop to the dessert table was made with large volumes of blue and clear balloons giving the entire room a bold underwater styling. They were even blown up at differing sizes, giving a fun and full look that the guests were sure to love.

The dessert table was stunning to say in the least. It was wrapped in layers and layers of sea green streamers that were curved, making it look a lot like seaweed. To one side a tower of chests were stacked with jewelry and treasure pouring out of the top one, so it looking just like buried sea treasure.

Beautiful vases stood tall on each side of a massive cake, they were overflowing with lovely blooms in various tones. The cake was stood on a box that had been decorated with seashells, blending with the theme perfectly.  Fantastic seal-like elements were incorporated throughout this table, from golden mermaid statues to little starfish and seashells. There was even a miniature cake that was decorated to match the large one with a magnificent blue seahorse set on top.

Other tasty treats at this table include fun sugar cookies shaped into seashells, they were even frosted in layers giving them a scale look.

Guest tables were decorated in a fun way with blue wraps around each white chair and massive balloon bouquets as the centerpieces. The was even a gigantic light up seahorse that added to the theme marvelously.

Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Balloons Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Balloon-Centerpieces Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Treasure-Boxes Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Sugar-Cookies Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Mylar-Balloons Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Mini-Cake Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Lightup-Seahorse Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Guest-Seating Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Flowers Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Dessert Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Cake Magical-Little-Mermaid-Birthday-Blue-Cake


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My Little Angel Decorations


Twins Under the Sea Mermaid Party

Little Mermaid Inspired Party