Charming Gone Fishing Birthday Party


The cozy decor at this Charming Gone Fishing Birthday Party was sure to have guests celebrating in comfort. The fantastic arrangement of rustic decorations and bold colors were the inspiration of Ali’s Creations who beautifully designed this event.

The party was set-up outdoors, allowing for plenty of space to play and visit easily. An adorable dessert table was placed against a light wall, allowing the vibrant colors of the fishing theme to really pop.  A board was used as a base for cute decorations that made up the backdrop.  Across the board a bold red and white sign said, “Gone Fishin’,” and a line held little bright fishes giving a playful look. The table was covered in a black cloth with a little banner of red and white bobbers spelling out the birthday boy’s name centered across the front. Netting was draped across half the table in a neat fashion right underneath a little fishing rod that hung over the edge of the table ending at a cute red pail.

The decorations on the table were adorable and unique, a boat was stood up with shelves that held tasty looking cupcakes and a bright red hanging lantern stood on the end of the table too. A large two layer cake towered in the center of this dessert table frosted in blue so it looked like a tasty lake with a cute little banner with hanging little fishes. Tin pails made perfect holders for candies and other sweets for the kids to enjoy and everything was labelled in bright colors.

Little round tables were arranged neatly to allow for plenty of space to keep the guests cozy and white folding chairs were perfect for a fishing party.  Netting even hung down from an awning with little fish lanterns in vibrant colors that added a unique and fun touch.

Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Bait-Game Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Food Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Fresh-Fruit Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Goldfish-Crackers Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Guest-Tables-Pool Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Netting Charming-Gone-Fishing-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Gifts


Ali’s Creations


Just Keep Swimming Dory Birthday


This special kid was given a fantastic Just Keep Swimming Dory Birthday extravaganza with brilliantly colored decorations and all sorts of exciting activities. With the inspirational skills of  Laura’s Little Party, this undersea hit movie theme became an outdoor adventure to remember!

When it comes to kid’s parties, using outdoor venues is always a win, especially when it is bright and sunny out.  This backyard was a fabulous oasis of fishy fun with the personalized printable art and vibrant decorations. A massive banner introduced the theme as everyone entered the yard that had undersea artwork and large letters saying, “Finding Dory Just Keep Swimming Party!”

For a fun activity to keep the kids busy and enjoying the undersea vibe at this party the guest table was set up with adorable little trays holding pint size bubble bottles to use.  It was accented with little blue petals underneath that gave a sweet look.

To show appreciation to the guests for stopping by this adorable party each little one was given a bucket full of tasty snacks that had personalized art saying, “Thanks for swimming over.” It was printed on little labels that matched the big banner beautifully. The buckets all had shovels attached too, making it a fun gift for kids to use for playing in the sand with. To really spoil the children for this event, each was given another bucket full of goodies with activities inside like coloring books and crayons.

Delightful cupcakes curbed hunger at this party with cute little cupcake holders. They were set on a large white tray with a Dory in a coffee pot.  There was even a cute scuba mask underneath to show off the theme in fun style.  For beverages the little ones got to have tasty fishbowl blue juice too!

Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Bubbles Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Cupcakes Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Dessert-Table Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Gift-Tubs Just-Keep-Swimming-Dory-Birthday-Snacks


Laura’s Little Party


Bait Shop Birthday Table


Created beautifully for a very special grandson, this Bait Shop Birthday Table was a fishing adventure just waiting to be enjoyed. It was fantastically put together by Picture Perfect Party Tables whose use of fishing gear, gave a unique and bold look to the venue.

The backdrop for this fishing table was inspirational with a large fishing net draped around a rustic frame attached to the stand. With slim, teal starfish wrapped in it, the theme was introduced in an adorable way.  The table itself was a wooden wonder with a rustic charm that was sure to bring the fishermen and fisherwomen right on over. A giant flag banner in bold blue, green and orange added a burst of color to the decor too. It was hung right at the front of the table.

One of the eye-catchers on this table was a boat that was tilted upward to use as shelving for little tubes of green candies that each of the guests could take.  It was set on a mini-crate to really make it draw attention. A camping lantern was placed in front of the boat with some fishing line to create a realistic fishing vibe.

Several pails were placed at differing heights to add a full look to the stand, each one with a little bobber wrapped around it. They held tasty candies for the kids to enjoy.  Sugar cookies were shaped into fish and number 1’s as well and frosted in bright teal and green tones that made them a seaworthy treat! A tackle box was creatively used to hold all sorts of delightful candies as well. It stood at the back of the table opened so everything was easy to access.

A fabulous undersea themed cake had its own special section too with a topper of a little one in a boat fishing. With fishes swimming around the top layer and waves on the bottom, this cake was an ocean wonder!

Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Beverages Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Candy-Pails Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Candy-Tacklebox Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Chalkboard-Sign Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Fisherman-Topper Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Lobster-Decor Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Lollipops Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Marshamallowpops Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Marshmallowpops-Sea Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Sea-Cake Bait-Shop-Birthday-Table-Sugar-Cookies


Picture Perfect Party Tables



Posh Parisian Puppy Party

Parisian puppy Decorations and Party Favors (1)


Thinking outside the box appears to come easy to Misha of A Lovely Design as she created this innovative and fun Posh Parisian Puppy Party especially for a sweet little person.  

Creating this party for her own adorable little daughter, it was easy for Misha to come up with the theme as her child adores stuffed puppies.  Intertwining the adorable puppies in with a Parisian style decor offered a sophisticated twist that brought the party to life.

The theme color choices were spot on with black and white stripes and additional tones like bright yellow, vibrant red and soft teal. With a smooth inclusion of these colors throughout the venue, the room had a bold and exciting appearance.

Printables were beautifully done with a variety of hand drawn elements that made this party one of a kind. Personalized invitations were sure to have the guests excited to come to the party with gorgeous watercolor art.

Whimsical touches were incorporated through the room too from the sweet white-paper craft on the walls with Parisian park scenes drawn on it to the adorable flower cart and a lovely little table for the kids to enjoy their little luncheon at.

To hold the desserts, a vintage style turquoise table was used, a perfect size to display the goodies in Parisian fashion. This table showcased delectable French eclairs, colorful macarons, sugar cookies made to match the theme and other tasty delights. The cake was every kid’s dream with layers of delicious frosting and a fun, elegant look. It even had an initial as a topper, adding to the sophisticated vibe.

Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Aerial-Seating-View Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Bonjour-Sign Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Coloring-Activity-Station Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Cookies Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Eiffel-Tower-Wall-Art Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Five-Cake Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Flowers-For-Friends Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Kids-Seating Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Macarons Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Patisserie-Art Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Pick-A-Pup Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Printables Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Sugar-Cookies Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Thank-You-Gifts Posh-Parisian-Puppy-Party-Walking-Art


Party styling, invitations, printables, photography, cake and sugar cookies: Misha of A Lovely Design

Pillows, pastry box stickers, thank you cards, custom envelopes, stamps and return address stickers,

“Bonjour”Sign, “Patisserie” Sign: Tiny Prints


Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday

Colorful Paw Patrol BirthdayColorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Inspired by the adorable Disney hit show Paw Patrol, this Colorful Paw Patrol Birthday was stylishly put together by Be My Guest Party. With a brilliant array of theme colors and a vibrant venue filled with bright light, the kids were sure to feel welcome when entering this party area. The dessert stand was set-up in a classic fashion that was sure to be fun for everyone to grab treats from. A red and white striped awning stood overhead, giving a real candy stand vibe. The table was placed in front of a window with a sheer fabric curtain that allowed the light to filter in softly. For the treats, a minimalist approach was taken for the displayed trays, allowing the treats to draw attention.  The trays all had a slim, white, modern look that the candies sat on beautifully. Each of the treats was made to match the theme brilliant from the paws and Paw Patrol shields on sugar cookies to the fun Paw Patrol candied cookies on sticks. The range of colors was fantastic, each matching the colorful show to perfection. Gifts for the visitors were in adorable Paw Patrol boxes that were lined up on each side of the buffet at an angle so it was easy to grab and go.  The printables at this party matched the theme in a fun and bold way, chocolates had cute wrappers that matched and there were even giant jars full of popcorn with Paw Patrol labels on them. At the back of the table right in the middle a fantastic birthday cake introduced the theme for this event wonderfully. Two gigantic layers of delightful dessert held precise details from the Paw Patrol logo to actual characters from the show as toppers. Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Bright-Cupcakes Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Candy-Coated-Cookies Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Cookies-And-Cupcakes Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Stand Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Paper-Art Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Popcorn Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Tiered-Cake Colorful-Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Chocolates Credits: Be My Guest Party MORE INSPIRATIONS: