Classic Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party


Lee of The Famgeeks went all out on this adorable Classic Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party celebration. Using the traditional pink and gold from the lovely movie, the venue for this party was a magical adventure that the vip was certain to love.

The party room had abundant natural lighting from large windows along one wall that give the area an inviting and vibrant look. The dessert table was stunning, with layers of fabric that created an elegant look. A pink back drop set the stage for this adorable theme with greenery framing it and a gorgeous golden frame with beautiful art right in the center.

The table was covered in white and accented at the front with a shimmering golden fabric, giving a royal vibe. The entire table was filled with a perfect blend of tasty treats and Sleeping Beauty decor.  Golden candelabras stood on each side of the table with bold pink candlesticks. Beside them, tall bouquets of large pink blooms added a natural effect to the look.  

At the center of this buffet, a sweet cake stood on a tall, gold box. It was frosted to look like Aurora’s dress and topped with a large, lovely crown. Sleeping Beauty graphics were attached to sticks and placed to the side of the table, ensuring that everyone would easily know the theme to this event.

Other delightful snacks made for this party included chocolate chip cookies that were frosted to look like rosettes. Cupcakes had dress toppers and there were event marshmallows frosted in pink on swirly straws for easy eating!

The gift bags were unique and fun, each was a shimmering gold color and cut around the top to look like a little crown.  To personalize them, some had pink bows and some had blue, so each little guest would have a special gift just for them.

Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Cake Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Frosted-Marshmallows Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Graphics Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Mirror-Art Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Napkins Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Rose-Cookies Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Snack-Buffet Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Treats Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Classic-Sleeping-Beauty-Birthday-Party-Wrapped-Candies


Planning/design: Lee of The Famgeeks


Golden Beauty And The Beast Birthday


Magic was in the air at this Golden Beauty And The Beast Birthday. With the help of Aura Decorations this event turned out to be an elegant and tasteful way to celebrate a wonderful 15 year old. With a massive venue chosen for the party, an entire area was cleared to allow everyone a chance to dance just like in the the classic movie!

A dessert station was exquisitely designed with a fantastic backdrop to introduce the theme in brilliant fashion.  It was a large graphic of the ballroom from the move and was hung draped slightly to create neat 3-D effect.  On each side, shimmering golden curtains added to the elegance look perfectly.  Several tables were placed by each other to hold the decorations and desserts in a unique way.  A golden cover on the main table set the stage for all of the red and gold decor that was interlaced with the tasty treats.  Large vases were overflowing with red blooms on each end of the table, giving a bold pop of color.

The desserts were spectacular from the cupcakes with little roses on top to the mini cakes that were frosted in white with elegant golden leaves around the sides. Book decorations were painted in gold and used as a tiered stand for the cupcakes, ensuring that the library aspect of this Beauty and the Beast theme was incorporated beautifully.

The cake  for this event was phenomenal.  Six layers stacked up tall all frosted in white and detailed in gold.  Flower blooms were wrapped around in a gorgeous display from top to bottom.  This cake was so fantastic, it was set on its very own table for the guests to enjoy.

Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Cakes Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Candelabra Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Carriage Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Chandelier Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Dance-Floor Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Desserts Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Gift-Box Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Graphic-Sign Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Guest-Table Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Layered-Cake Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Pudding-Glasses Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Treat-Table Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-Vip-Chair Golden-Beauty-And-The-Beast-Birthday-White-Bench


Planning/design: Aura Decorations

Cake, cupcakes and mini cakes: Ilza Placencio

Sweets: Lenni Uceta de Abreu

Flowers: David



Radiant Pokemon Birthday Party


This Radiant Pokemon Birthday Party was beautifully designed by Mecupcake. The venue chosen for the event was large and had lots of bright light, creating a fun ambiance. The special 6 year old had been wanting a special Pokemon party, allowing Mecupcake to use their creativity to offer a fantastic celebration for him to remember.

A lovely dessert table was arranged with precision, allowing everyone to grab and go with ease. The table used was a fantastic contemporary style with a neon base that illuminated all of the treats and decor in a fantastic neon green light. At the front of this table a bold, red banner spelled out the birthday boy’s name so everyone could clearly see who was being celebrated.  With wall for the background that was partial brick and partial colored art, this dessert table appeared to be a work of art itself. There were even large red balloons at the back of the table with fun tassel ribbons in dark and light blue colors. And adorable addition to this table were the mini graphics of classic characters from the hit Pokemon show. These were placed at the front of the table, advertising the theme spectacularly. To finish off the look at this table, colorful tissue balls were placed on the ground, adding a fun touch.

The table was was filled up with popcorn, poke-ball cake pops, chocolate covered Oreo’s, giant bubble gum, yellow lollipops and poke-ball cookies. For a bold centerpiece, a large three layer cake was made, frosted in a chic Pokemon style. Each of the kids also received a fun Pokemon happy meal to enjoy. Inside each vibrant yellow Pikachu box were peanut butter sandwiches, grapes and juice. The favor in the Pokemon happy meal was an exciting Pikachu felt mask that allowed the kids to really get into the excitement of this adorable theme.

Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pikachu-Boxes Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pokeball-Cookies Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Pokeball-Treats Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Popcorn Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Treat-Stand Radiant-Pokemon-Birthday-Party-Welcome-Board


Photography, styling, desserts: Mecupcake




Whimsical Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday


Impressions went all out recreating this fantastical vision of Mr. McGregor’s garden from the classic story, Peter Rabbit. Using a Whimsical Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday theme, this superb team of experts brought to life a charming party that the special vip’s mom had wanted since before the little one was even born!

The venue chosen for the party was pure perfection for this elegant garden soiree.  A bright sunny day gave the decor the stunning light necessary for a truly enjoyable occasion. Every detail at this event was beautifully thought out from vine-like greenery with vegetables intertwined to the white picket fencing used to add to the charm.

Fun aspects that made this party stand out included a pumpkin patch and a carrot patch. Each one had a lovely wooden sign advertising, along with adorable details like piles of pumpkins on a box and carrots flowing out of several cute crates.

The desserts were set up in a completely original fashion that was both elegant and functional.  Using little swings that stayed in place, a whimsical and gorgeous area was designated for holding the snacks.  Each of the swings had greenery wrapped around the ropes and in front of the them massive letters spelling out the birthday girls name stood with Peter Rabbit graphics.

The cake was a vision with three layers frosted in soft green and adorable little Peter Rabbit details. A little pink number one stood on top so everyone knew how old this sweet little vip was.  Other tasty additions included sugar cookies, cupcakes, cakepops and strawberry cheesecake cups.

Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Bunny-Graphics Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cake Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cakepops Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cakes Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Carrot-Patch Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Carrots Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cheesecake-Cups Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cookie-Art Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Cookies Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Dessert-Layout Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Framed-Art Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Pumpkin-Patch Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Treats Whimsical-Peter-Rabbit-1st-Birthday-Vegetable-Tree



Photography: Pic-a-boo-photography and Aysha Asad

Cake, cookies and Oreo chocolates: Dec-O-Cake

Mini cakes and cake pops: Roshini Perera of Cakes

Eclairs: Bibo’s Yummies

Other desserts: Crumbs

Lanterns, food labels,  table centers, character cutouts: Iheart craft

Concept, planning and execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions


Classic Pokemon Go Birthday


This Classic Pokemon Go Birthday was held at a gorgeous outdoor venue on a vibrantly sunny day, ensuring that all the party goers could truly enjoy the decor. Brenda’s visions for this event were all fantastically executed, creating an exciting adventure for little Pokemon fans everywhere to love.

Using the classic tones from the hit game and show, the venue had a bold array of color that drew the eye.

The dessert table was a stunner with a massive blue and white clouded backdrop and a large poke-ball centered with the birthday vip’s name on it. On each side of the poke-ball art classic Pokemon stood tall ready for a battle! To add a bit of a natural look two little rounded shrubs made a cute addition to the decor.  

With a bold blue cover, the snack table shone gorgeously. It had an iconic poke-ball banner across the front that said, “Happy Birthday.” One favorite unique decoration used at this party were mini white picket fences that surrounded adorable Pokemon peeps on sticks. Each mini garden even had green turf and a poke-ball in the center. The celebration cake was frosted perfectly to look like a marvelous little Pikachu popping out of his poke-ball.

In front of the snack table a delightful station was set up where the children could create their very own snack bags.  Pails in all of the Pokemon energy styles were filled up with goodies to choose from and mini scooper so it was easy for the kids to grab and go. This table had a fun yellow and white plaid cover with a green turf runner.

The guest tables were adorned with fantastic fish bowls in the center that were decorated to mimic the poke-balls and sticking out of the middles were favorites from the show like Charizard and Pikachu.

Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Bulbasaur Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Keep-Calm-Sign Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Peeps Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeball Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeball-Centerpiece Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Pokeballs Classic-Pokemon-Go-Birthday-Snack-Table



Planning/Design: Brenda V – Instagram: camifabcelebrations