COCO Chanel Party Ideas

Coco Chanel is renowned for her chic style and utmost class, so throwing a party with a Coco Chanel theme is a great way to bring all your girlfriends together for a sophisticated and fabulous affair. The invitations you send out to your guests before the party are a significant part of setting your event’s tone and spreading excitement for it to the attendees. A black and white invitation with the iconic Coco Chanel brand symbol and glittery letters showcasing your party is a perfect way to get your guests geared up and especially excited for the big event!

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COCO Chanel Decorations

Decorations are simple, yet still will manage to pack a big punch. The color palate for décor is crisp and clean, and you’ll only need to look for black and white with a splash of soft, blush pink here and there. Textures and patterns also offer a clean, yet posh look with criss cross cushion designs and hints of rhinestones. And, of course, no Coco Chanel themed party is complete without the brand logo of two intertwining, back to back “C’s”. You should incorporate the logo into as much as you can and you simply can’t have enough of the brand image. Black balloons, tablecloths, matching dining ware, serving trays, backdrops, favors, and labels should all don the symbol. Other decorating ideas that go splendidly with the theme are old framed photos of Coco Chanel fashion throughout the years and baby pink rose floral arrangements in glossy black vases.

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COCO Chanel Food

The food for your Coco Chanel party should be delicious and fun, with a dramatic presentation. A cake in the shape and image of the Chanel logo is a perfect start for the main event table. Surround the cake with tons of other beautiful treats served on glittering black and white serving ware that boast touches of sparkling rhinestones. Round sugar cookies with Chanel logo frosting and cake pops in the shape of black and white mini Chanel purses are delightful, while chocolate dipped strawberries and cupcakes with the vintage flower style that Chanel is famous for is a perfect little topper. Apothecary glass jars filled with pearl-like candies and jumbo candy bars in individually gold foil wrapping add just one more bit of class to the scrumptious party fare. Champagne and sparkling water are must haves on the beverage list as well, and definitely don’t forget the drinking flutes!

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Black Velvet (Black) Dessert Plates Black Velvet (Black) Plastic TablecoverCOCO Chanel Party Favors

Party favors for a Coco Chanel themed party are something that guests will truly be enthusiastic for. Little black Chanel brand paper department store shopping bags are perfect to put your party favors in and give a luxurious feel to the favors themselves. Baby pink macaroon cookies wrapped up in a mock Chanel No 7 perfume box, pink nail polish, min manicure sets, and keychains are great party favor additions. Complete the favor look with black and pink tissue paper.

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COCO Chanel Party Games

Interactive party games for a Coco Chanel themed event should be all about fun and fashion. Print out images of Chanel fashion through the ages and have your guests guess which era they are from or how about having your guests put on a fashion show? Use some easy Chanel looks to give to your guests and have them recreate the look with cheap party items like feather boas, old hats, and even tissue paper. These games are wonderful for icebreakers, ultimate interaction, and lots of happy giggles.

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