Modern Lego Friends Birthday

Modern Lego Friends Birthday

This Modern Lego Friends Birthday party was fantastically planned out by Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions for a very special nine year old! From top to bottom, the venue for this party was a Lego extravaganza! To give the theme an elegant twist, garland was incorporated beautifully throughout the decor.

Hanging above the guest tables, lovely lanterns and tissue balls made a perfect splash of color and dimension. With this fun, Lego theme, the colors were a bright and inviting blend of pink, blue, purple and green.

The guest tables were arranged in a fun manner with a neat purple runner down the center. Paper plates for the guests made cleanup a breeze too. The centerpieces for these tables were adorable, a small arrangement of flowers with a cute graphic standing in them.

To keep the kids’ sweet tooth satisfied, a massive dessert buffet was set-up in splendid fashion. An entire arched overhang made the perfect backdrop for this Lego themed party. Across the front of the table a pink base was highlighted with a string of beautiful garland. A menu sat right in front so it was easy to see what goodies were available to enjoy.

Colorful cakepops in varying shades were each decorated in unique styles with little butterflies and flowers. They were set on a fantastic pink, vintage style stand. Other desserts included sugar cookies that were frosted to reflect the whole Lego gang. There were also tasty looking mini pies with stars on the crust. The real showstopper was the cake arrangement.  One massive cake with four minis were all decorated to look just like Legos! Topped with a giant yellow Lego number 9, this cake was perfect for the event.

Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Buffet-Tables Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cake Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cakepops Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cakes Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Centerpieces Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Cookies Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Dessert-Buffet Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Desserts Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Dessert-Table Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Drinks Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Framed-Graphic Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Graphic-In-Garland Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Guest-Plates Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Hanging-Decorations Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Hanging-Lantern Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Menu Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Mini-Cake Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Mini-Pies Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Paper-Ball Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Personalized-Graphic Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Sugar-Cookie Modern-Lego-Friends-Birthday-Treats


Concept, planning, execution: Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions, with Shevi B. Stork , Shaziya Kamil , Ruvi Johnpillai-Forbes, The Macaron Magazine, Roshini Perera, Khadhija Inshirah R

Photography: Picture Poets