Princess Sophia Birthday

Princess Sophia Birthday

This fun, Princess Sophia Birthday theme was beautifully executed by Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions. The dessert station at this party was a stunning array of color and detail, uniquely set up to make it simple for guests to access while being elegantly displayed. Three separate tables created a fantastic effect along a single wall with a massive graphic backdrop of a garden and columns. The fronts of each table had a graphic that blended with the backdrop creating a 3-D effect. Each station had a lovely strand of garland across the front with little flowers incorporated for a touch of color.

The treats on these tables were delightful with all sorts of bright colors and decadent details. Rice krispy treats were plain, pink and purple in color and each had a stick to make for a mess free option. Cookies were stacked with purple frosting in between layers, creating a unique dessert with fun Sophia details on top like her purple necklace. Each treat had a personalized label that matched the theme in purple with a cute little crown on them. To enhance the royal vibe of the dessert tables, strands of beads were placed brilliantly throughout all the treats.

An exquisite cake in purple and white made a perfect center table addition. It was perfectly frosted and topped with a framed Sophia the First photo in a golden frame.

The table for the visitors looked remarkable with purple fabric draped over the chairs which matched the liner down the center of the table. Lanterns were re-purposed with adorable flower arrangements to add a whimsical touch to the theme. Beads were strung down the center too.

Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Cookies Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Dessert-Tables Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Framed-Photo Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Garland Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Garland-Decor Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Gold-Plates Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Guest-Table Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Lanterns Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Pink-Drink Princess-Sophia-Birthday-Treats



Concept, planning, execution – Raidha Raleen Mulafer of Impressions with Dec-O-Cake, Khadhija Inshirah R, Shaziya Kamil, Gayani Jayaweera, Bibo’s Yummies

Photography – Picture Poets